Love makes the world go round

Shapes, colours, suggestions. Here is the body and soul of small jewels that will make your head spin.

made from the heart

Redesign your world

fly with your fantasy and let yourself be carried far away by the voyager soul of the Tourné collection.

fatti col cuore

Collect a world of jewels made ​​in Italy

made from the heart
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The idea

If you are able to let your imagination fly and you have a cosmopolitan soul, if you believe that your style shows everyone who you are and if you think that the right accessory can make a difference, the Tourné collection will grant your every wish.

Let yourself be inspired

Look Book

The Touurné collections could become your trademark accessory and transform itself into the perfect addition to your outfit. because for every look and mood there is a right Tourné jewel.

Here are some examples

Fashion blogger su Freaky Friday

Discover a brand that reflects your philosophy, you know your imagination and cr...

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