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Discover a brand that reflects your philosophy, you know your imagination and creativity will accompany you to unexplored places is the sweet, constant surprise of the web.

I present Aikaa, Waky, Alonso and Yuko. I love accessories, even more when they are special when they have a meaning and when they carry a story, because I try something magical in every action of my days. Aikaa is an Eskimo, is the North Pole, the cold, and those days when, even in town, they begin to fall as the first flakes of snow, a reason to wear it.
Waky directly from North America, is a small Indian, for those days when you feel a bit like Pocahontas, Waky has officially become my good luck charm for the difficult days, wear it for all the upcoming exams. For days of summer sun, or for those of May, where they begin the first warm days, where everything seems more beautiful, wear them Alonso, directly from Mexico, who is always smiling and always seen in their day the best side. Because you know, every day encloses something special, just grasp it.
Yuko is Japan, East, history and magic, dream, fantasy, and useless to tell you, is my favorite! We all have a particular personality, and a vision of the world of our own, and I am sure that each of you will be identified in one of the characters Tourné, or reading, have thought someone could be the perfect gift.
I love to find a meaning to assign a value, found in the simple things in a detail that differentiates them and makes them unique. It is like wearing a bit of personality, a slice of the world, an idea to remember. I'm curious to find your favorite!