How do I return an item?
If you prefer, you can request a refund at home. After verifying all the information, we will send a courier to collect the package within 24 hours (if possible). To make the withdrawal, the courier will contact you. If for any reason the date is not to your liking, just contact the carrier to change it.
What is the period of time for refunds?
The deadline for any refund of 10 working days from the date of receipt of the product.
I have to pay restitution?
Return costs are borne by the customer.
How will I receive the amount on my return?
Once approved the refund, you will receive the amount in the same manner in which you made your purchase.
When will I receive the amount on my return?
Once approved the refund (items must be in perfect condition) will receive an email to confirm you that the amount will be paid into your account within a few days. Do not forget that the time for a refund on your credit card depends on your bank.
What should I do if the refund amount is incorrect?
Simply contact our customer service and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. Tourné reserves the right to refuse returns communicated or sent after the set period, or items that do not have the same reception conditions.
Can I change the items?
No, we only accept returns.